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Key Hashtag Strategies: Market your business and content


Key Hashtag Strategies: Market your business and content

With nearly everyone using social media, a hashtag should be a familiar area of use. But, using them to market a business is different than for personal use, and understanding which tags to use is vital for business growth.

Hashtags are unavoidable, they seem to be everywhere, attached to everyone’s posts. The hashtag has become a cultural phenomena that took social media by storm, practically to the point where we ask: What is a “pound sign” anymore?

Every big social media platform offers the use of hashtags to group similar ideas, topics, and conversations together.

As a marketer there is a need to be on social media, because that is where your potential clients are. It is vital to tag the business strategically to topics that people are looking for. Hashtags can expand markets, improve SEO, and show that the business is real and trusted.


What is a Hashtag?


For those who are just starting out and want to know why using hashtags have become such an adopted trend, here it is:

Hashtags began on Twitter to group conversations together, called “tweet chats”. It is essentially an open group discussion which is still used on Twitter to date. But the “hashtag” itself is a word attached to the pound sign- like, “#marketing” or “#selfiesunday”. Marketers take this as an opportunity to reach large audiences who are interested in a specific topic.



Businesses run off strategy. Managing social media should not be a hard assignment among the to-do list, but should be taken seriously and not overlooked as solely content posting.  


Brand hashtags:

If you have a tagline, make it a hashtag. Like, “#JustDoIt” by Nike or, “#ImLovinIt” by McDonald’s. People like catchy sayings, and if a business has a tagline, hashtag integration could make it appear within users posts and grow a bigger audience.

Keep the brand hashtag short and sweet, and easy to spell to avoid any errors. For example, “#PutACanOnIt” is a popular Red Bull hashtag.


Campaign hashtags:

Using the name of the marketing campaign as a hashtag is an essential technique for growing your business’s social media presence.

Same as branding, make the tag a word or phrase that is simple. But, do not use hashtags that are commonly used elsewhere, it should be unique and stick out when searched for.

If looking to promote the campaign, which is likely as a marketer, integrating the hashtag grows customer engagement. The hashtag is used as a way for customers to connect, share, or enter to win a contest.

Campaign hashtags can, and should be, creative. The best way to craft one is remembering you want to increase customer engagement, and give them a motive to really want to use the tag. If it’s not relevant and catchy, then it won’t thrive.


Trending Hashtags

A trending hashtag is exactly what it seems: “what’s trending now”. Trending hashtags have their own sidebar on Twitter’s timeline, so users never miss a beat. Topics change within minutes, though, which is both good and tricky for marketers trying to keep up with what is talked about most.


How to use trending tags:

Always check what is trending. The more posts connected to the tag, the more likely it will catch on and be used by other users.

To create a trending tag, target the business’s niche audience. Research will take time before constructing one to understand the audience, therefore reducing any problems in reaching them. If the target audience is sports players, start posting while big games are on, that way those sports fans looking for updates, are being reached.



Tips for using hashtags can be summed up as to:

  • Brand the business and marketing campaign
  • Catch real-time trending topics
  • Use hashtags that are easily identifiable

Large companies don’t grow out of thin air, they use every bit of help they can to make it big. Hashtags are a way to connect, a way to group topics and ideas together, and be an online community. Creating and utilizing hashtags sparks conversation, a larger potential-customer base, and tighter involvement with your target market.

Written by: Tacy Cresson 


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