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7 Social Media Myths You Need To Know

7 Social Media Myths You Need To Know

Post once a day – or week

Many people are so afraid to post too often that they kill all chances of social media success long before they really got going. They post so rarely that their fans and followers have a hard time remembering who they were and how they met before they get the next update. The truth is: most people don’t post enough on social media. For Facebook once a day is rather the minimum than the maximum, for Twitter once a day is as good as not posting at all. Pinterest best practice tips range from 30 to 40 pins per day and Instagram is more like: post as often as you like as long as you have great images, but people usually don’t. Being present on social media does wonders to a business and your name. It’s never about being annoying, because social media is a platform that allows publishers (you) to put your content to the world. Take advantage of the ability to put your content to action, and grow virtually. Everyone in the world is on social media – you don’t have to do much but be on it to connect.

Following other people is wrong

Honestly, how can you expect other people to follow you if you are too afraid to make the first step and follow some people? It is a two-way street. You need to be willing to connect if you want others to connect to you. Simply keep in mind, who you want to connect to? Make sure that at least a large part of the people you follow is from your target audience. Being able to connect with other businesses or people who share similar ideals to your company or what you do makes networking seem easy. So, just because you are a business where you think people should be following you, you need to also follow others to get somewhere socially.

Following back is a must

You don’t need to follow everyone that decides to follow you back. Not everyone will be relevant to have on your timeline or newsfeed, so there is no point in reciprocating the following they gave to you. Even that, a lot of times business will get followers that are spam accounts and serve no purpose. Following only accounts that make sense to your mantra or your company is what is important. You don’t have to succumb to making every part of social presence reciprocated. Follow those who share similar drives as yours does. That way your timeline will be both relevant and possibly helpful to your business.

Only posting your own content is bad

You have a social media account, multiple accounts probably, that have your company name attached to it. Or, maybe it’s your name and you are representing a company. Either way, you have one for promotion, most likely. It’s important to engrave into your mind that social media is a platform and you are the publisher. You have the power to create and post – so create and post all things surrounding what you do. That’s not at all a bad thing, it’s actually good. You don’t want to cloud your feed with postings that don’t have anything to do with what you have to offer. If that is going to be the case, you’ll see all your followers drop and engagement decrease because nobody will care about your account if it’s not about you. So create more and post more of your own things. It is what your followers want to see. And ultimately, you’ll see the benefit in numbers at the end.

Reposting content is bad

Do you always tweet your content once – and then never again? Bad. Only a fraction of your followers will have seen this one tweet. There is nothing wrong to tweet the content again – and again. Make sure you share a large variety of content – but you can and should tweet your content again at a different time of the day. For Facebook, it is slightly different because their algorithm will know that you repeat a post you already posted. But even on Facebook, you can re-share content that you already posted. And your audience will love it – because most of them will either not remember that you already posted it, or they did not even see it the first time around.

You shouldn’t talk about your business

Many people are afraid to talk about themselves or their business on social media. They fear to be overly promotional. But there is a huge difference between sharing a story and promoting. And while you should not be too promotional there is nothing wrong to talk about your business – or yourself. Sharing your own story should be an important part of your marketing!

What worked for others, will always work for you

You have this one awesome blogger who made it to huge success? And now you try to recreate every step of their success journey? Could work – but does not have to work. You are a different person, you are in a different situation – and things change. How many years ago did that blogger start out? How much competition did he or she have – and much competition do you have? It’s all about trial and error and making sure you know your business well enough where you can tell what is going to work for it. And when things don’t work, you take that and learn for the next situation.



Written by Director of Creative Development, Tacy Cresson.

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